LORIATA brand story

Shaping oneself takes years. Personality, posture, language. All of that is born with deliberate, constant work. Clothing is a rather important way of manifesting that. It is a visible statement of ones state of mind – the qualities possessed and the standards held.

But it is not only about the image seen by others. It’s important that the garment feels like a second skin. One that supports comfortably and performs the function well thus letting the owner feel confident and elegant.

Although it is not easy to combine appealing design with comfort, performance and quality, Loriata has its roots in a culture that has been masterfully doing that for centuries – Italy. Italian craftsmanship and timeless design provide that the garment will both highlight ones best qualities and suit perfectly for years.


A taste for simplicity, versatility and quality never goes out of style. That is what timelessness is about.

In an era of items designed to be short-lived, timelessness is a value. A garment that withstands the ever changing currrents of fashion is a true treasure in your wardrobe – a treasure you can rely on.


Sophistication is knowing oneself deeply, choosing what suits best and using it with confidence. Be it body language, choice of words or clothing.

Our work is driven by extensive knowledge and vast experience. In order to strive for excellence one must know it first.


Greatness does not bear compromises. So as the bar is set we do not settle for less, respecting the tradition and standards of Italian tailoring.

Every Loriata garment that has made its way to you has passed a rigorous quality control. Starting from the design itself, ending with the quality of seams and fastening.